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June 10-12, 2005 ~ Hilton Resort & Spa ~ Sedona, AZ

"Living a Technicolor Life"



The Mission of the Oneness Consciousness Conference is to Inspire, Inform, Empower and Activate Each Person’s Divine Purpose in a Peaceful, Dynamic and Beautiful Environment of Joy, Fun and Camaraderie.



The Purpose of the Oneness Consciousness Conference (OCC) is Three-Fold:



Showcase the 'Next Wave' of Master Awakeners and Thought to Anchor Harmony and Oneness on Planet Earth


Assist in Launching Earth and Humanity Into Their Rightful Place Within the Broader Universal Community


Provide a Nurturing, Interactive and Compassionate Environment for each Participant to Experience the Profound Connection of Oneness Consciousness, Returning to Your Community as a Beacon of This Universal Love


“Oneness Consciousness” is thought of as the awareness that each soul is forever directly connected to Creator, to other souls throughout all of existence, to the planet the soul inhabits, and to that planet’s kingdoms (devic, mineral, soil, plants, and animals). In that connection, all are of equal importance and of vital value in contributing to the higher evolution of every living thing: that the ‘Divine mind’ of the many must hold sway over any one individual mind to operate for the highest good of all concerned.


Not affiliated with Unity or Unitarian church

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A Service of Positive Life Works

"In the century now dawning, spirituality, visionary consciousness, and the ability to build and mend human relationships will be more important for the fate and safety of this nation than our capacity to forcefully subdue an enemy. Creating the world we want is a much more subtle but more powerful mode of operation than destroying the one we don't want." ~ Marianne Williamson

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